How is the Coronavirus Impacting Your Lead Generation?

With the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, some businesses are being hit harder than others when it comes to lead generation. These companies are being forced to pivot their offers to bring in new leads and still sell their services as customers are holding on more tightly to their money in an uncertain market.  […]

How to Use Lead Form Extensions to Get More Leads on Google

Facebook Lead Ads are great because they reduce friction in the lead generation process. Instead of having to leave Facebook to go to your website, users are able to fill out a form in the app. Instead of typing in all of their details, Facebook populates the form with the user’s information that they already […]

Insider’s Guide to 2020 Marketing Trends

As usual, the marketing landscape is changing fast. Staying on top of current marketing trends is tough, but not impossible. But first you’ve got to stop reading the same old articles that predict the same trends every year (e.g., voice search, chatbots, AI, video, etc., etc. ????). In this article, I’m going to cover the […]