Google Ads is the king of PPC ads, and it’s the first place most people go for PPC lead generation It’s a great way to generate leads that are at the bottom of the funnel. But did you know Google Ads can also be a great way to generate cheap leads at the top of the funnel?

Most advertisers on Google tend to focus on purchase intent keywords. This makes sense because those keywords are the ones most likely to lead to a sale quickly.

But are they really the only keywords that are worthwhile?

Don’t Forget the Top of the Funnel

Bottom of the funnel leads are great, but you can’t neglect to fill the top of your funnel if you want to keep your pipeline full. Google Ads can be a great way to do this because, while purchase intent keywords tend to be competitive, research-based keywords are much more affordable.

How to Target Top of Funnel Keywords and Profit

Here’s how you can get cheap leads with Google Ads.

  1. Focus on research intent keywords.

    The key here is not to focus on keywords relating to making a purchase. Focus on keywords related to problems your product or service solves and the research potential customers will do as they try to solve those problems.

  2. Optimize your ad copy.

    The more relevant your ad copy is to the keyword, the lower your cost per click (CPC) will be. If you’re spending less for clicks, you’ll ultimately spend less on conversions.

  3. Optimize your landing pages.

    Make sure your landing pages are relevant to your keyword and ad copy (this will lower your CPC and increase your clickthrough rate). Since you’re trying to provide information and build your credibility instead of trying to make a sale, you could send your traffic to a blog post here instead of a typical landing page.

  4. Use as many extensions as you can.

    Extensions can be used to increase the relevancy of your ads by filling them with relevant keywords (this will lower your CPC) and they make your ads take up more space so they’re more likely to get people’s attention.

  5. Always include a call-to-action.

    You’ll want to be sure that wherever you’re sending your traffic, there’s a call-to-action with a compelling offer. And make sure the offer is relevant to the information on the landing page and in the ad copy. Most importantly, make sure you’re not asking for too much too quickly. For instance, the traffic you get this way probably won’t be ready to buy yet.

  6. Try the Lead Form extension.

    Google now offers Lead Form extensions so you can collect leads from the search results page right inside your ad. I’ve written an article on how to set up a Lead Form extension, so take a look at that tutorial and give it a try.

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