How do you generate real estate leads? Of course there are the traditional lead generation methods. But everyone’s already doing that. And the old school methods take time. So besides cold calling, door knocking, and referrals , what are the best ways to generate leads for real estate agents? Here are three real estate lead generation ideas to get you started.

Content Marketing: Pillar Pages

The key to successful content marketing is to build out pillar pages. Pillar pages, or cornerstone content, are longer articles (at least 900 words) that cover a broad subject area.

How to Do Keyword Research for Real Estate

First, you’ll need a topic. It’s important that you find a topic you can rank for, and that your topic is one that potential clients actually search for. You can find one by doing simple keyword research.

It’s easy. Just use a tool like UberSuggest or SEMrush to find search terms with the highest volume and the lowest competition you can find. It may be that “[your area] real estate” is very competitive, but “houses for sale in [your area]” is less competitive while still driving significant search volume.

How to Build a Real Estate Pillar Page

According to HubSpot:

Pillar pages broadly cover a particular topic, and cluster content should address a specific keyword related to that topic in-depth.

Once you’ve chosen your main keyword, you’ll write an article about it that covers everything anyone would want to know about the topic. HubSpot has some helpful advice:

The first step to creating a pillar page is to stop thinking about your site in terms of just keywords. Start thinking about the topics you want to rank for first — then, brainstorm blog post ideas based on more specific keywords related to the broader topic.

So if your keyword is “how to buy a house in [your area],” you’ll cover everything they need to know about buying a house in your area.

After you’ve built your pillar page, you’ll want to go back to your keyword research tool to find other keywords that are related to the subject matter of your pillar page. Create content for those (at least 300 words, the longer the better) and link them back to the pillar page.

How to Get Backlinks in the Real Estate Industry

Then use a tool like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to get backlinks for your new content. HARO is a service that connects reporters with sources for their articles. When journalists need to interview someone for a story on a topic (like real estate) they go to HARO with a query that describes what they’re looking for. If they select your pitch, they’ll almost always include a backlink.

So subscribe to the Business & Finance list and begin responding to queries.

Remarketing: Contextual Advertising

Don’t just serve up the same ad to everyone! By segmenting your remarketing audience, you can show contextually relevant ads to your visitors.

The Buyer’s Journey

According to HubSpot, the buyer’s journey is “the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider and evaluate, and decide to purchase a new product or service.” By tailoring your messaging to the stage of the buyer’s journey your prospect is in, you can dramatically increase your conversion rates.

HubSpot divides the Buyer’s Journey into these three stages:

  1. Awareness Stage: The buyer realizes they have a problem.
  2. Consideration Stage: The buyer defines their problem and researches options to solve it.
  3. Decision Stage: The buyer chooses a solution.

Audience Segmentation

One way to determine what stage of the audience your prospects are in is by looking at where they’ve been on your website. Audience segmentation is crucial. If they’re visiting pages with top-of-funnel content, you probably don’t want to hit them up with an ad offering a free consultation.

Make a list of all your content and where it falls in the marketing funnel. Then segment your audiences on Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, etc. so that you can target them with relevant ads on every network you advertise on.

Behavioral Targeting

You can also use your own information and third-party data to determine what stage of the buyer’s journey your prospect is in. Did they just sell a house? Have they moved recently? These are important factors you can use when segmenting your audience list. This information will also inform your lead nurturing efforts.

Digital Advertising: The Inbound Marketing Funnel

This idea includes remarketing like the previous idea, but it adds the powerful Inbound Marketing Funnel Template.

Inbound Marketing Funnel Template

As you can see in the diagram above, the Inbound Marketing Funnel works across multiple channels to drive leads down the funnel.

For a more detailed explanation of this approach, check out How to Get Real Estate Leads Now. You can also read my Lead Generation Strategy Guide.

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