Did you think remarketing was just for the internet? Think again, buster! One of the biggest trends in direct mail in 2019 is taking the digital magic of remarketing and applying it to old school snail mail. Direct mail retargeting can be a great way to generate leads by reaching out to potential customers in the real world. Right through their mailbox.

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What is Direct Mail Retargeting?

Picture this: you just started a new job, and you’re out having a celebratory drink with an attractive new friend from work. Out of nowhere, some ne’er-do-well bumps into you and spills his drink on your brand new suit.

Then he has the audacity to blame you(!) and proceeds to roll up his sleeves in preparation for a good old fashioned outbreak of fisticuffs. A donnybrook, if you will. (And why wouldn’t you?)

Next thing you know, you’re on the ground under a table, one of your teeth is somewhere a few feet away, and the police have arrived with a nice pair of bracelets for you and your new friend. (No, not the attractive one. The one you were fighting with. I was being sarcastic.)

The next day, you wake up to find that your suit is in need of professional attention, and you remember that you never picked up that tooth.

So you get online, you visit some attorney websites, google some dentists, try to find a good dry cleaners, and maybe you see if there might be some good martial arts classes in the area.

Then you get a call from that attractive friend of yours, and you shut your computer.

The Magic of Remarketing

Are you with me so far?

Now imagine that a few days later, you’ve got a big stack of mail. First, you’ve got a postcard offering a free consultation from one of the attorneys you were researching. Next, you’ve got a coupon for 20% off from a local dry cleaners.

You flip to the next piece of mail, and it’s a bill or something. You toss that on the counter. But then the next one is a postcard from one of the dentists you checked out online, and it’s talking about how they offer same-day appointments (you really should get that tooth taken care of before you go back to work, people are starting to talk).

And look! There’s even an offer for a free karate lesson from the local sensei. It’s like magic!

The Truth About Retargeting With Direct Mail

Actually, it’s not magic. I’m here to debunk the theory that enchanted owls peek over your shoulder whenever you make a Google search so that they can deliver relevant offers in your mail.

What’s actually happening is a company is tracking your IP address or using a cookie to figure out your mailing address. Then, through the wonders of direct mail retargeting, they hit you with some mail.

Will It Work?

There are no sure things, but direct mail retargeting is relatively inexpensive, so it’s probably worth a try. But, as with any investment in marketing, make sure that your funnel is in good shape and that you’re ready to handle the new leads.

The worst thing you could do is give it a try before you’re ready. It probably won’t work, you’ll have wasted your money, and you won’t know if it’s because the channel is ineffective for you or just because you half-assed it.

So get your house in order and give it a shot!

Where to Get Started

I use ReachDynamics. This isn’t an ad or an affiliate promotion. I’ve worked with them on a couple of campaigns, and I found that:

  1. Their customer service is great.
  2. The prices are very affordable (you can send a postcard for less than a dollar).
  3. There’s no minimum.

And, as of this writing, they’ve got a deal for new customers. They’ll give you a $100 credit so you can see if it works for you.

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