The Inbound Marketing Funnel Template

Last Updated: September 10, 2018

Are you looking for a digital marketing funnel template? What about a complete lead generation website template (for free of course)? Look no further! Here you’ll find four marketing funnel templates (AKA sales funnel templates) that will supercharge your current marketing efforts (especially if you’re already investing resources in content marketing). These lead generation templates will allow you to set up a full-funnel lead generation platform in no time.

Should You Pay for a Sales Funnel Template?

Marketing funnel templates are a great way to start generating leads. Because why reinvent the wheel, right? But does that mean should you buy one?

For a while now I’ve been seeing all the gurus hawking sales funnel templates through ads on my Facebook newsfeed. They’re “free”, but most of those templates require you to invest a lot of money in a program called ClickFunnels. I don’t know much about ClickFunnels myself, but I do know you can generate tons of leads with out it.

(In fact, you can even generate leads without spending a penny.)

So before you go dump a lot of your money into software, hear me out. In this article, I’m going to teach you about a free marketing template you can use to drive more leads and grow your business online— without spending $97/mo on ClickFunnels. (Spend that money on ads instead!)

Optimize Your Marketing Process with the Inbound Marketing Funnel Template

The funnel I’m going to show you is the Inbound Marketing Funnel, and it’s actually a combination of four digital marketing funnels. First, there’s the Qualification funnel (to make sure you’re only selling to likely customers). Then there’s one for each stage of the buyer’s journey (Awareness, Consideration, and Decision).

These four marketing funnel templates apply an inbound approach to paid lead generation (hence the name). That means they are designed to deliver the right ads to the right people at the right time.

But how?

The Remarkable Magic of Remarketing

Although inbound marketing is usually considered to be almost synonymous with content marketing, the Inbound Marketing Funnel Template relies heavily on digital advertising (primarily remarketing). Through the wonders of remarketing, you can create lists that segment your website visitors into various stages of the buyer’s journey.

You’ll create four Facebook audiences:

  1. Qualification: A Saved Audience targeting a broad group of people who might be interested in your product or service (using interest targeting)
  2. Awareness: A Custom Audience targeting anyone who has been anywhere on your website in the past 180 days
  3. Consideration Audience: A Custom Audience targeting people whose website activity over the last 90 days indicates that they’re in the Consideration stage (e.g., if they visited your “Features” page)
  4. Decision Audience: A Custom Audience targeting people whose website activity over the last 30 days indicates that they’re in the Decision stage (e.g., if they visited your “Pricing” page)

Note: You should tweak the membership duration of the list based on the length of your sales cycle.

Marketing Funnel Content

Once you’ve set up those audiences, you need content to feed them. This is where you’ll be ahead of the game if you’re already doing content marketing. If not, I’m about to tell you the core pieces of content you’ll need to form the foundation of this strategy.  You’ll need to create at least four pieces of content before you start:

  1. A Qualification stage blog post. Make sure this will only appeal to your target market. This content exists to get likely customers onto your remarketing list. The more specific the topic is, the less money you’ll spend on wasted clicks further down the funnel.
  2. An Awareness stage downloadable offer. This will be used to collect first names and email addresses.
  3. Consideration stage downloadable offer. This will allow you to collect more information (e.g., company size, job title, etc.) and determine when they’ve moved down the funnel.
  4. Decision stage downloadable offer. to get any other information you need to make the sale (e.g., phone number) and to determine when they’re ready to buy.


Content Marketing Funnel Template

The Inbound Marketing Funnel Blueprint

Here is the simple blueprint to the four funnels you should absolutely be using in your business. And don’t worry if you rely on organic traffic instead of ads; the funnels look the same no matter how you pour the traffic in.

Inbound Marketing Funnel Template

Qualification Funnel

The Qualification funnel exists to weed out visitors who aren’t a good fit for your company. For instance, if you sell Windows software, you don’t want to spend ad dollars on Mac users. Write a blog post that is super-focused on a topic that would only appeal to your audience. A new security issues affecting Windows users, for example.

Then target a broad swath of potential customers through interest targeting, native ads (like Outbrain or Taboola) to see who bites. This funnel will fill your Awareness stage remarketing list so that you’ve got a big enough audience to remarket to.

Awareness Funnel

The first funnel in our sales funnel template is the Awareness funnel. Your Awareness funnel will direct everyone who has ever been to your website to content that is relevant to their early stage of the buyer’s journey. The Awareness funnel exists to:

  1. Make people aware of your brand
  2. Make people aware of the problem you solve
  3. Generate leads that you can nurture down the funnel

This ad should lead to a landing page with a simple offer (a checklist, list of tips, brief ebook, etc.). Don’t ask for too much here. Just get their first name and email address.

Consideration Funnel

The next funnel in our sales funnel template is designed to get more information from potential customers moving through the buyer’s journey. You want to remain educational at this point. Help them consider the different types of solutions that exist.

This ad should lead to a landing page with a more robust offer. A whitepaper discussing the many options that exist to fill their need, for example.

Decision Funnel

This is where you close the deal. Here’s where you see if your sales funnel template is a stud or a dud. Depending on what you sell, this funnel could offer a limited time discount, a free consultation, or a demo.

Make sure your form gets the rest of the information you need to follow up and make the sale. Then, if they don’t close after a few days, follow up with an explicit sales pitch by email and/or phone.


When you use this marketing funnel template, most of your traffic will come from Facebook and AdWords.

Sales Funnel Template


Your Facebook remarketing lists will grow as more people visit your website. Each time they come back you’ll be building your brand. It will also increase the chance that they’ll become interested in other sections of your site.

For example, they may come to read a blog post, and then start wondering about the features of your product. When they click to go to your features page, they’ll be moved down the funnel into your Consideration audience. (Of course, that’s assuming you set it up right!)


Your Google ad will focus on purchase intent keyword. You can also use a remarketing list for your search ads. That way you can include a bid adjustment for anyone who has been on your site before.

Why? Because return visitors will be more likely to make a purchase than someone who has never heard of you before.

Lead Generation Template

If you need some help putting this together, I’ve created a website framework you can use to implement this marketing funnel template. Download it here. You don’t have to give me your email address or anything, but I’d appreciate it if you’d let people know where you found it.

Further Reading

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And if you’d rather someone else set all this up for you, fill out the form below and I’ll reach out so we can talk more.