According to, ClickFunnels is “a website and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs.”

A website builder and a sales funnel builder. I know what you’re thinking:

What’s the Difference Between a Website and a Sales Funnel?

A website is informational. It’s like a store. People can go in, read your brochures, check out your merchandise, contact you, etc. A sales funnel is more like a maze that you create to lead your traffic through to a converting action.

Here’s a video that goes more in-depth, and shows the technical differences between the two.

The way that software like ClickFunnels works is by providing templates, a drag and drop editor, and other functionality to make it easier for you to create websites and sales funnels without having to understand how to code.

Here’s another in-depth answer focusing specifically on ClickFunnels:

Benefits of Funnel Software Like ClickFunnels

You can take your visitors on a step-by-step process through the buyer’s journey. That way they don’t get distracted before they convert. You can also use it to make sure each visitor ends up finding the product or service that will be most beneficial to them.

And you can nurture your leads, continue to engage with them long after they’ve left.​

Streamline the Lead Generation Process

Another benefit is that you can streamline the lead generation process by using multiple tools integrated into the same platform. For example, you can get the aforementioned drag and drop website & funnel editor with ​a form builder, the ability to offer 1-click upsells, a CRM, and a whole lot more.

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