Audience segmentation is an important part of the lead generation and lead nurturing process. If you’ve read my lead generation guide, then you know how important it is to segment your audience for lead generation and lead nurturing.

Audience Segmentation Strategy

I recommend segmenting your audience based on the buyer’s journey. Put your visitors into buckets based on where they’re at in your sales cycle so that you can target them with contextually relevant information.

Audience Segmentation With the Buyer's Journey

You can find more information on exactly how to do that (and what sort of content to create for each audience) in my article on marketing funnel templates.


The best way to segment your audience is to determine what behaviors visitors in certain stages of the buyer’s journey will be in and what pages they’ll be on. For example, if they’re on your sales page, they’re probably in the Decision stage.

If you have enough traffic, you can be more specific. Your qualification audience will be broad. It’ll be built on third party data, all traffic that doesn’t fit into other audiences, and other things. Then (again, assuming you get enough traffic) you can get more and more specific as they get down the funnel.

Getting More Specific

For instance, you might only put someone in your Decision audience if they’ve done multiple things that indicate that they’re towards the bottom of the funnel. But don’t be anymore specific than you need to be. You don’t want to slow roll your sales.

(By the way, the reason the amount of traffic you get matters is because if you don’t have enough traffic in each audience you won’t be able to serve ads to them.)

Audience Segmentation Tools

A lot of audience segmentation can be done without any special tools. You can set up remarketing audiences in Google Ads, AdRoll, Facebook Ads, etc. without having to use any third party tools.

If you want to go a little deeper, you can use Google Analytics to analyze segments of your audience based on new and returning users, traffic source, demographics, geography, device and behavior.

You can use that information to determine what you should prioritize when building your remarketing audiences. This also plays a role in how you nurture your leads.

By implementing this process, you should begin to see your close rates increase. Good luck!

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