How to Build a Lead Generation Website for Free

In this guide, I’m going to tell you how to build a lead generation website for free. With all the affordable tools out there, you may be wondering: “Why would I ever want to build a lead generation website for free?”

Well, picture this:

Disaster strikes! After years of using your excellent lead generation skills (learned courtesy of Advertoscope of course), an unforeseen calamity leaves you destitute.

You’ve got nothing but the clothes on your back, your driver’s license, and your big, beautiful brain. What do you do?

Keanu Reeves finding out he just lost everything
“Just my… brain, you said?”

Well, you can’t afford Click Funnels. You can’t afford Leadpages, Unbounce, or Instapages either.

Don’t worry! By the end of this guide, you’ll have a fully functional lead generation website that you built without spending a cent.

But first, take that driver’s license down to the library and get a library card. You know, for internet access. ‘Cause hypothetically, you don’t have a computer anymore. So do that, and then I’ll show you…

How to Build a Lead Generation Website— for Free!

There are three things you need to do before we get started.

  1. Since you’re down on your luck, I’ve created a free website template for you. Download it here.
  2. Then, go sign up for a free Cloud9 account*. This is where you’ll edit and upload your website.
  3. Finally, sign up for Drip. You’ll use this for emails and marketing automation.

The rest of this article will show you how to use those three ingredients to cook up a lead generation website without spending a dime.

*Technically, we’re cheating a little bit since Cloud9 requires a credit card to set up an account. But they don’t charge you anything, so give me a break here.

Create a Website with Surge & Cloud9

Once you have a Cloud9 account, you’ll login in, unzip the template, and upload it to Cloud9.

Uploading files to Cloud9

Then, in index.html you’ll edit:

  1. The title
  2. The meta description
  3. The headline
  4. The unique selling proposition
  5. The navigation menu
  6. The subhead
  7. The copy beneath the subhead
  8. The call-to-action
  9. The social proof
  10. The copyright information

In style.css, you’ll edit the location of your background file.

Where to edit the background image

(By the way, if you need a good, free stock photo, try Pexels or Pixabay.)

For the navigation menu, replace each stage of the buyer’s journey with the name for the actual content that’s going to go there. Then, duplicate index.html and update them to serve as the location for each menu item.

Remember to change the “active” class to the link for each page. That’s what highlights the menu item for the current page.

How to set a menu item as active

You’ll also need to create content offers. You can use the free tools listed here and here to do that without spending any money.

Set Up Forms with Drip

You can use MailChimp or Drip for this step. I recommend Drip, because it’s better for marketing automation. But I set form up for MailChimp, so you can use either one. Just know that Drip starts to charge after you hit 100 subscribers.

Once you’ve created the forms you need, add them to the form sections of the proper pages in Cloud9.

Where to put the forms

Build Workflows with Drip

In Drip, build workflows to send the right content to leads who fill out the various forms on your site. You can also create workflows to send certain emails based on what pages your leads visit. In fact, Drip has a bunch of pre-built workflows to get you started.

Launch Your Lead Gen Site

Now you’ll head back to Cloud9 and go to the terminal (it’ll start with “bash”). We’re going to use a free web publishing platform called Surge to launch our site.

How to find the terminal in Cloud9

  1. Enter “npm install –global surge” to install Surge
  2. Enter “surge” to run Surge
  3. Choose the project path (I just leave this on the default) and hit enter
  4. Choose the domain and hit enter

How to launch a deploy on Cloud9

(For more information on deploying to Surge, read “Getting started with Surge.”)

Boom. Now you know how to build a lead generation website for free. Just like that.

Now you can do this:

Keanu Reeves controlling reality with his mind

Metaphorically speaking.