Back in the day, the old gold prospectors didn’t just wait around for gold nuggets to fall in their laps! They went out and searched for them, panning for gold all across the frontier. If you’re tired of waiting around for your pages to rank and start generating traffic, then you might be interested in my SEO alternative technique, based on those old prospectors.

It’s called the Traffic Panning Technique. This technique is the combination of digital advertising and lead qualification that powers the Inbound Sales Funnel, and it will speed up your lead generation process like nothing else!

How Does it Work?

Well, see, back in the day, those old prospectors would channel water into a a wooden contraption called a sluice.

Like these guys are doing:

The Traffic Panning Technique

They’d sift through that water for hours at a time looking for gold. It worked because the gold would sink to the bottom, and the prospector would slosh the sediment back out into the sluice.

Instead of a sluice, you’ll be using landing pages, blog posts, and other content on your site. You can use any traffic channel. It doesn’t matter how you’re getting traffic to your landing page. And you’re not trying to sell them, you’re just identifying them. Getting their contact information if you can, and at the very least getting them on your remarketing list.

The First Key to the Traffic Panning Technique

The first thing to remember is to focus on top of the funnel content. Research-based and entertainment oriented topics are best. Then make sure everything is optimized to generate leads, and make sure you’ve got your remarketing pixels implemented properly.

You’ll get cheaper clicks because the keywords you target usually won’t be high intent keywords, and the audiences you target on Facebook can be very broad.

The Second Key

This is probably the most important part of the Traffic Panning Technique.

Separate the sediment from the gold!

Don’t try to appeal to everyone. You basically want to convince anyone who isn’t a good fit for your product or service not to click your ads. If you’re a mechanic who works on foreign cars, make sure you’re not promoting content that would appeal to Ford owners (assuming you live in the US).

Paid Traffic

One more thing: this SEO alternative relies on paid traffic. If you’re looking for free ways to drive traffic, that’s a story for another post. On the other hand, if you’re tired of waiting for your SEO to bear fruit, and you’re ready to invest in your lead generation efforts, the Traffic Panning Technique is just the ticket.

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