Are you asking the right questions of leads before you get on a call? One of the easiest ways to increase your sales efficiency is to learn how to qualify your leads.

What is a Qualified Sales Lead?

A qualified sales lead is a lead that you know (thanks to lead generation and lead nurturing best practices) is a good fit for your product or service. You know they can afford it, and you know they need it.

Most importantly, you know they want it.

There are a lot of people just booking calls willy-nilly without first getting information from their prospects. They may even hire a company to close leads for them.

But without proper lead qualification, they end up wasting a lot of money.

Do You Need to Qualify Your Leads?

I speak to a lot of people, and I’ve noticed that many of them need to make sure they’re getting quality leads before they turn their leads over to their sales team (be it internal or outsourced). Otherwise it’s as good as a cold call.

Yes, you might get a few clients from cold calling. Great. But how much time did it take you to finally close them? And are they good clients?

We’ve all had crappy clients that don’t have any respect for your time and services. Your goal should be to find less of those, and more clients who are a good fit for your offering and who truly value what you bring to the table. That’s where the qualification of leads comes in.

5 Questions to Qualify Leads

To do that, start asking more questions to gain information before you get on a call. That way you’re saving everyone time. You’ll understand a bit more about them and if they are qualified for your product or service. If they’re not a good fit, why waste their time?

Here are some key questions to ask in order to qualify your leads:

  • What is your monthly revenue?
  • How much profit do you make per month?
  • What is your budget towards this investment?
  • What your goals for the next 6-12 months?
  • Why do you need my product or service?

Quality Over Quantity

Remember less is sometimes more. Time is a valuable resource, especially in sales, so look for quality over quantity.

The more questions you ask people, the fewer leads you will get, but the leads you get will be more likely to close. They’ll also be a better fit for your product, which means easier onboarding, better reviews, and less churn.

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