Confessions of a Lead Generation Consultant

In this interview with Advertoscope’s own lead generation consultant Roy Harmon, the South Carolina-based lead generation expert talks to us about:

ADVERTOSCOPE: So what does it mean to be a “lead generation consultant” anyway?

ROY HARMON: Basically, I help organizations implement inbound lead generation strategies to generate more sales. In other words, I help them find potential clients.

A: And what do you mean by “inbound lead generation”?

RH: Inbound marketing or permission marketing is all about meeting the lead wherever they are in the buyer’s journey with relevant content. It’s contextual marketing that focuses on providing answers to your prospects’ questions.

A: How does that look in practice?

RH: Typically, it’s a lot of content marketing and SEO, but I work with companies who (A) already have the SEO aspect taken care of, or (B) don’t have the time to wait for results. SEO can take six months to a year.

For these companies, I apply an inbound approach to advertising. I build out remarketing lists that segment their audience based on what stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in, then I serve them ads that are more likely to be relevant. That’s inbound advertising.

A: How do you do that?

RH: I create remarketing lists that target my clients’ website visitors based on the pages they’ve visited and other behaviors. For instance, if they’ve visited demo and pricing pages, they’re probably in the Decision stage. Meaning, they’re at the bottom of the funnel and looking to make a purchase.

A: Does that inform the way you build your websites?

RH: Of course! You need to make sure you have value-packed content that speaks to visitors in each stage of the buyer’s journey on your webpage and your blog if you have one (you probably should).

First, I map out the buyer’s journey, then I do research to determine the information they’ll need in each stage. All of the important questions need to be answered on the main site, other questions can be answered in blog posts.

A: Any favorite tools for building those sites?

RH: I love MailChimp for email marketing and marketing automation. HubSpot is great too, but it’s pricey. The nice thing about both of those tools though is that they each have a free option you can use to see if they’re each a good fit. Oh, and [free screen recorder] Loom is great too.

A: Final thoughts?

RH: I love talking lead gen, so if anyone has any questions, I hope they’ll hit me up at [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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