Roy Harmon: Lead Generation Expert & Marketing Consultant

…Roy is an expert in his field and understands digital marketing and its value in today’s market.

-Idelle Delapeña

Roy Harmon is an experienced marketer with a demonstrated history of generating leads in the legal, political, automotive, higher education, software, and healthcare industries. His efforts have mobilized voters, enticed customers, and persuaded donors.

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Political Marketing

In 2010, I began my career in marketing. I started out in politics, developing and implementing digital outreach strategies for political campaigns and nonprofits. You can hear me talk more about how I got started on the Entrepreneur Ethos podcast here.

Roy Harmon - Marketing and Lead Generation
Roy Harmon charms his colleagues with a delightful story at the headquarters of the National Rifle Association.

Eventually, I ended up in the DC Metro Area (Fairfax, VA) at the National Rifle Association’s lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action. There, I developed and executed strategies across paid, earned, and owned digital channels to drive traffic to the NRA website and generate leads for the grassroots team.

“Whether I need to review existing sales channels and funnels or set up new ones, I have Roy’s templates and guidance printed out right next to me.”

Lindsay Tabas

Lindsay Tabas


“Instead of giving generic tips and methodologies, Roy breaks down the elements of a powerful framework and explains how to use marketing automation and retargeting to get better results for your business.”

Georgios Chasiotis

Georgios Chasiotis


Automotive Lead Generation

Then my wife got pregnant with our first child, Jenifer Jane. We decided to move back to South Carolina to be closer to our families, and I decided to get out of politics.

I took a job with Chumney & Associates, where I handled digital advertising accounts for automotive dealers. I managed $1.5 million a year in ad spend (AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, and Snapchat) for as many as 32 clients.

But 32 advertising accounts is nothing compared to raising two kids, which I discovered when my wife gave birth to our second child, Roy Franklin Harmon V. (Don’t see “the Fifth” very often do you?)

SaaS Marketing

While I was at Chumney & Associates, I received an amazing offer to manage marketing at a healthcare SaaS company, Fusion Web Clinic. Working at Fusion was an awesome experience. Great people, challenging work, and an opportunity to to help pediatric therapists do their best for their kiddos.

In one year, my team increased annual recurring revenue from $1.2M to $4.1M.

Digital Strategy

In February of 2019, when I began my role as Senior Digital Strategist at DX Marketing. I enjoyed my return to agency life and learning a lot.

While at DXM, I provided strategic planning that decreased cost per conversion by 75% for a higher education client and implemented processes that increased efficiency by 80%.

Unfortunately, the lockdown hit DXM pretty hard and I was let go. But don’t cry for me, Argentina. I started a company called Raindance to help give startups the marketing direction they need to meet their customer acquisition goals. Now I’m doing even better than I was before the pandemic began!

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