What if you could see all of your competitors’ ads on Facebook? And your potential clients too! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, the good news is that you can.

Enter the Facebook Ad Library.

Facebook Ads Library

In yet another move by Facebook to increase transparency, you can now see everyone’s ads any time you want. You can’t see targeting, ad spend, or anything other than the ads themselves. But some marketers are still worried about this new development.

It’s time to incorporate this into your Facebook advertising strategy. So let’s talk about how you can use Facebook’s new policy to get more Facebook Ads clients.

How to See a Page’s Facebook Ads

I’m going to show you how to use this new information to generate leads and get new clients for your digital advertising agency, but first, you need to know how to do it. (It’s easy.)

Here’s how:

  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/
  2. Type in the name of one of your competitors
  3. Commence spying

And there you have it. An inside look at your competitor’s Facebook ad strategy.

Use This Tip to Get Clients for Your Facebook Ads Agency

Now that you’re up to speed on the new policy, here are three ways to use it to your advantage to generate leads and win new business.

Research Your Prospects

I recommend you research every one of your prospective clients’ current Facebook advertising efforts. If they’re already advertising on Facebook, you won’t have to sell them on its benefits. You’ll just have to explain how you can do it better than they are.

Unsolicited Free Facebook Ads Audit

Agencies love generating leads with free audits. It can be an effective strategy.

Now that you don’t need permission to see your prospects’ ads, why not combine that strategy with your cold email outreach.

Analyze their ad copy, creative, landing pages, etc. and tell them where they can improve. If they’re interested, shoot them a proposal.

If you decide to try this, it’s important to be gentle. If you don’t know who actually made the ads, you’ll want to be sensitive, because for all you know the prospect had their granddaughter design them.

Research Your Competitors

See what your competitors are doing. Look at their Facebook pages and their clients’ Facebook pages. Are they doing anything wrong that you could do better?

Or are they doing something clever that you should implement for your clients?

Deploy a Poison Parasite

If you see that one of your competitors is using some particularly strong messaging (especially if it subtly—or directly—attacks your company or companies like yours, you can use what Dr. Robert Cialdini calls the Poison Parasite Defense.

Here’s how you do it:

Cialdini found that successful counter ads involve the use of effective counter-arguments that call into question the opponent’s facts and trustworthiness; mnemonic links to the opponent’s ads, a parasitic device which essentially infects the opponent’s message by linking its memory and impact to the counter ad; and ridicule to satirize the opponent’s ads.

In one anti-smoking ad that Cialdini says was particularly effective, an anti-smoking played off the Marlboro Man theme.

The mnemonic link was that the ad looked like a smoking ad. The effective counter-argument was tied into the ridicule, as the commercial went on to depict the rugged smokers coughing and having other problems that affect smokers.

Research Your Industry

Another way to take advantage of your ability to spy on everyone’s ads is to take a look at the ads of other companies in your industry to come up with new ideas.

Become a Thought Leader

Thought leadership is a great way to build your brand, but it can be hard to come up with things to write about that are worthy of the title “thought leadership.”

But how about this? Get a list of the top companies in your industry and analyze all of their ads. See what you think works, what you think doesn’t work, look for trends, standouts, etc.

Then, write up a whitepaper, a good LinkedIn post, a blog post, whatever you want—maybe all of the above!

This is a great way to develop thought leadership content.

Time to Get More Clients for Your Facebook Ads Agency

A lot of marketers hate this new development. And there definitely some negatives. For example, now everyone can easily see and copy your ads.

But as digital marketers, we have to constantly evolve. So figure out all the ways you can leverage this in your favor. This is a great way to get new Facebook Ads clients.

Go win some business!

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