A Reliable Way to Wow Your Sales Team With More HR Leads

Are you responsible for lead generation at a SaaS company that serves the human resources industry? If so, you probably know all about the back and forth between sales and marketing about HR leads. Sales says you’re not sending them quality leads, you say the leads are qualified and they aren’t doing enough to close […]

The 5 Ps of Marketing: How to Develop Your Marketing Mix

The 5 Ps of marketing is a framework for understanding and making decisions about your marketing mix. The concept refers to five primary elements that you can manipulate to increase revenue. By learning these key marketing strategy components, you’ll better understand what levers you can pull to increase sales, average order value, and repeat purchases. […]

How to Map Your Content with a Content Mapping Template

Content mapping is a critical step in the inbound marketing process. In this article, I’m going to tell you why (and I’ll share a content mapping template with you too). What is Content Mapping? Content mapping is the process of figuring out where all of your content fits in relation to the Buyer’s Journey. This […]

How to Plan a Complete Medical Practice Marketing Strategy

Today’s marketing technology allows medical professionals to grow their practices faster than they were able to with traditional marketing. If you implement the right medical practice marketing strategies, you can reach more people more cost-effectively than ever before. But first things first: Whether you’re an individual or a group of physicians, properly planning your marketing […]