If you are running an online business, you know that you need leads to ensure the success of your business. Generating more leads today will increase your ability to get more customers tomorrow. So your top priority in 2019 and beyond should be lead generation.

Successful lead generation depends on combining knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends with a sustainable strategy which will allow your business to thrive for years to come. With this in mind, this article covers the top five strategies you can use in 2019 to generate more leads.

5 Strategies to Generate Leads for Online Businesses in 2019

The content director at Pick Writers says: “Any marketing expert you would ask to tell you which strategy works best to generate leads, you will receive different answers from each of them.

In the end, what matters is choosing the lead channel that suits your business profile best. The top marketing strategies that will continue to lead 2019 as well are email marketing, search and social marketing, and also content marketing”.

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one marketing strategy that has been on top for many years already, and it will continue to be effective in 2019. If you want your customers to find you online, you should appear on top of their search results. But, your target audience won’t see you if you don’t include in your content their preferred keywords.

On the other hand, every year brings new changes that search engines use to determine rankings. Therefore, you will need to constantly optimize your website and stay updated with the methods they use.

For 2019, it is important to focus on high-quality content and do deep research on what type of content your audience is most interested in.

2. Offer Value

Some things never change. Offering more value will always enhance your lead generation efforts. The big difference is that, thanks to ad blockers and new privacy laws, delivering value will be more important than ever in 2019.

Whether you are thinking of valuable content or something you can offer for free, it is important to show your leads that they made the right decision when they reached your website. Take the example of Lean Labs which used a lead-generation strategy and succeeded in increasing their lead generation by 355%. How was it possible?

Lean Labs leverages the principle of reciprocity and it has paid off. They offer to everyone who enters on their website a free guide with questions to ask their phone or internet providers. In 2019, you’ll need to follow their lead and create value for potential customers.

3. Integrate Social Media in the Process

Social media continues to be popular in 2019 (no surprise there). This year it will be easier for you to generate more leads by integrating social media in the entire process.

For example, you can start with something very simple. Instead of asking your website visitors to fill in their personal data when they want to sign up on your website, you can make it easier for them to sign up with their social media accounts.

People have become very busy nowadays. When they enter a website, they expect everything to run smoothly and they don’t want to fill out a lot of forms and check a lot of boxes.

Long Radius conducted a simple test. It launched two pages, one with a regular form to sign up and one with the option to sign up with the social media account. The result? Their conversion rate increased by 52% for the page with the social media option integrated into it.

4. Video Marketing

Videos continue to be popular for many reasons. One of its biggest effects is that it boosts the brand’s visibility, helping customers get insights on each product.

Also, it’s easier for leads to watch a video instead of reading a blog post. Not everyone has the time and patience to read long articles. If a website doesn’t manage to get their attention in the first seconds, then they will immediately leave it.

Videos are a great tool to get your leads’ attention and turn them into real customers. Video content can also improve your SEO and website ranking. One of the ways it does that is by increasing time on site. Visitors end up spending more time watching the video than they might have skimming the article.

Try using a tool like Lumen5 (they have a free version) to turn your blog posts into videos. You can whip up a professional looking video very quickly and start testing this method for yourself.

5. Build Your Reputation

In 2019, reputation is more important than ever. Obviously, you can more easily convince potential customers to hand over their contact information if you have a strong reputation in your niche. As the online marketplace becomes more and more crowded, it’s absolutely crucial that you tend to your brand’s reputation.

If you want to be seen as a top performer on your topic, the go-to method is to produce high-quality, original content.

You can host webinars or podcasts and create catchy videos where you show some insights from your business and products. This method will show your leads that behind the brand there is also a face who is preoccupied about their needs.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Each year brings another trend, bringing various challenges for online businesses. It can be hard to foresee how things will change each year. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of the latest news in your industry.

But don’t neglect the fundamentals as your chasing down the next new thing. By staying informed and building a strong foundation, you’ll ensure your success not only for 2019 but for many years from now.  

Elisa Abbott is a freelancer with a degree in Computer Science.

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