How to Make More Money With Funnel Marketing

Funnel marketing is an old concept that has become very popular with the rise of tools like ClickFunnels (and affiliate marketing in general). It’s based on the idea of the sales and/or marketing funnel. Basically, you set up every aspect of your marketing campaigns to direct potential customers down the funnel to make a purchase. […]

Expanded Text Ads Expand Even More (And SEO Gets Even Harder)

It’s getting hard out here for an SEO! Google AdWords— excuse me, Google Ads (that might take some getting used to)— is now expanding expanded text ads to 3 headlines and two 90 character description lines. These new and improved expanded text ads are great for PPC managers (although they may have to work late […]

How to Sell More Cars with Digital Advertising

These days, car buyers spend a lot of time shopping online on multiple devices. Most of that time is spent on websites like Autotrader,, TrueCar. You probably already pay one (or more) of those sites for automotive leads each month. Why not generate more of those leads on your own? Cut Out the Middleman […]

Auto Repair Advertising Ideas

If you’re an independent mechanic or auto repair shop, then you may struggle to out-market the dealerships and the big chains. Fortunately, automotive service marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Believe it or not, auto repair advertising can be very affordable. In this article, we’ll: walk through the buyer’s journey take a look at some good […]