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How to Generate Real Estate Leads with the MLMS Toolbox

If you’re a real estate agent (especially a Keller Williams agent), you may have already heard of the Michael Lewis Marketing Suite. His company provides marketing and marketing collateral for Keller Williams Market Centers to help agents raise brand awareness and improve their local image with the MLMS Toolbox.

If you don’t have login credentials, ask your Market Center Coordinator and request access to the MLMS Toolbox.

How to Generate Leads with the MLMS Toolbox

Michael Lewis, the CEO and Creative Director of Michael Lewis Marketing Suite, original created the toolbox to help agencies in Southern California improve their branding. He had success there, and began to expand. Now Keller Williams agents across the globe are using the MLMS Toolbox to enhance their images.

So let’s say you’ve already got your fancy new marketing materials. What now? How do you generate real estate leads with them?

Before your can hand out your new business cards, brochures, etc., you’ll need some people to hand them to. Here’s how to find them.

Build Your Landing Pages

First, you’ll want to create landing pages specific to the sort of leads you’re looking for. Are you trying to recruit new agents? Find buyers? Sellers?

Whatever the case may be, you’ll want at least one dedicated landing page for each campaign. This way you can tailor the message specifically to your prospects. If you need some help with this, check out my guide to creating landing pages.

Set Up Your Digital Advertising Campaigns

After that, you’ll want to drive traffic to your landing pages. The best way to do this is through digital advertising. Any ad network can work depending on your audience. You need to do some research to figure out where they are, and then choose a network or multiple networks on which to target them.

Facebook can be an effective channel for any objective, even without Partner Categories. One option is to use Facebook’s lead generation ad format.

These lead gen ads open up a form that’s pre-populated with all of the information Facebook already has on them, which makes it easier for them to fill out the form. You should use an offer to entice them to fill out the form, and you can use a tool like Zapier to automatically email them whatever you promised in the ad.

Nurture Your Leads

Once you’ve generated the leads, your work isn’t over! Start engaging with them, with the ultimate goal being to meet them in person. Once you meet face-to-face, that’s where the MLMS Toolbox comes in. Take your polished materials, and show up looking like a real pro.

For more tips about how to generate real estate leads, check out How to Get Real Estate Leads Now— Forget SEO:

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