Advertoscope is a mass tort ad agency based in Greenville, SC. Founder and lead generation expert Roy Harmon has over eight years of experience generating leads in multiple industries, including healthcare and law.

Tired of Bad Mass Tort Leads?

One thing we’ve got going for us over the other mass tort lead generation companies is that Roy actually has a J.D and experience working with plaintiffs’ lawyers. He’s familiar with the nuances of case selection. That means that with mass tort advertising from Advertoscope you’ll get more quality leads that will actually go to trial.

We’re also very aware of the strict rules governing legal advertising, so you don’t have to worry about violating your state’s rules of professional responsibility.

How We Do It

We create elaborate lead generation campaigns with medical records who haven’t been denied by multiple attorneys before they get to your office. Our campaigns utilize standard screen questions (and any additional qualifiers you choose) to ensure that the cases you receive meet your criteria.

Mass Tort Advertising

We focus our advertising efforts on AdWords, Bing, and Facebook, but depending on your ideal client profile, we may turn to other platforms (e.g., Pinterest, Twitter). Unlike other mass tort ad agencies, we have experience with a number of different ad platforms, so we can use just the right one to get the job done.

Whichever Agency You Choose, Ask Them About This

When you’re choosing a mass tort ad agency, (or a mass tort lead generation company) ask them if they use remarketing and behavioral targeting in their lead generation campaigns. Remarketing and behavioral targeting allow us to target the right people at the right time with the right message to get them on the phone.

Here are some other things you’ll want them to be familiar with (even if you don’t plan to use them right away):

  1. Click-to-call campaigns
  2. Facebook lead generation ads
  3. AdWords call extensions

Mass Tort Ad Agency

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