The ODD Formula

We’ve developed a proven, three-step process to generate, nurture, and close leads for your business. Here’s how it works:

1. [O]ptimize Your Website

First, we optimize your website. If your website isn’t designed to maximize conversions, there’s no point in sending traffic to it. Don’t waste your money! We’ll help you make any adjustments necessary to transform your website into a lead generating machine.

(And don’t worry. This almost never requires a complete overhaul of your existing design.)

2. [D]evelop Content

Not everyone is ready to buy right away. You need content that speaks to potential customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. This increases brand awareness, improves credibility, and moves prospects down the funnel.

We’ll work with you to develop your content strategy and fill in any gaps in your current content.

3. [D]rive Traffic

Once you’ve got the content and the website, it’s time to pour in the traffic. We use strategic remarketing campaigns and behavioral targeting to show prospects the right message at the right time. This decreases wasted ad spend and increases the speed at which prospects move down the funnel.

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