All companies need three things to grow:

  1. A great product or service
  2. A steady stream of revenue
  3. A consistent flow of new business

But which one matters most to your company?

Do You Need This?

Advertoscope is an ad agency located in Greenville, SC, and our only focus is to help you with #3. We specialize in helping Greenville businesses use digital advertising, remarketing, and behavioral targeting to win new business.

If your product or service stinks, there’s nothing we can do for you. If your cash flow isn’t steady yet, we’re probably not going to be a good fit. But if you’ve got something great to sell and you’re looking for a Greenville, SC ad agency to help you double your growth, that’s where we come in.

Would This Help?

There are a lot of advertising agencies in Greenvile and across the state of South Carolina that can help you with branding, SEO, and any other hard-to-measure services you might be looking for. But if you’re looking for an agency that delivers real, quantifiable results, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re not just an ad agency. We’re a full-service lead generation company.

If your company is growing steadily, and you want to double that growth with the help of local experts, we offer three services to make that happen.

How Do We Do That?

We implement a three-phase approach (you can call it the Advertoscope Advantage™ if you like the sound of that). Our approach uses paid search and social to find and target potential consumers with relevant messaging based on their behavior.

Lookalike Audiences

First, we take your existing customer database and use Facebook’s “Lookalike Audience” technology to create a list of similar people. Then we advertise targeted messages to get them to your website.


Based one where visitors have been on your website, we target them with relevant ads to move them down the funnel.

Lead Generation

Finally, when we know they’re ready to buy (based on behavioral data), we begin targeting them with Facebook’s lead ads. We simultaneously target anyone searching for terms that indicate they’re ready to make a purchase.


If you’re ready to double your growth (or you just want to learn more) email Roy Harmon at [email protected].

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